Launch of Partagás Línea Maestra

2023 Mar , 6

Habanos, SA closes the XXIII Habano Festival with the launch of Partagás Línea Maestra

  • The evening paid tribute to the Partagás brand with the launch of its Master Line with three new vitolas: Origen, Rito and Maestro.
  • The proceeds from the traditional Humidor Auction reached a total of €11,220,000, which will go entirely to Cuban Public Health.

After a week of unforgettable activities, the XXIII Habano Festival ended last night with the Gala Dinner that took place at the Pabexpo Fairgrounds. Around 1,200 attendees enjoyed this magical night, accompanied by national and international music, dance, and even indoor fireworks that lit up the presentation of the new Habanos, SA launch. The Gala also had the honor of having the presence of Mr. President of the Republic of Cuba, Miguel Díaz-Canel, who attended along with other government authorities.

The evening paid tribute to the Partagás brand with the launch of the Línea Maestra , the most Premium of the brand, made up of three new vitolas: Origen ( ring gauge 46 x 154 mm long), Rito (ring gauge 52 x 168 mm long) and Maestro (ring gauge 56 x 132 mm long)). Each of these vitolas will hit the market in a special case of 20 units.

This is a launch in which, for the first time in the history of the brand and the Habanos, SA portfolio, the vitolas of this new Partagás Line will be made with 100% tobacco grown in San Luis, in the Vuelta Abajo plantations located in the Pinar del Río region , which gives them a special aromatic complexity without losing the unique character of the brand.

The Partagás vitolario is characterized by having a great variety of formats, with more than thirty in its portfolio, which does not stop growing and innovating. In particular, this Master Line pays homage to the unique “Origin” of what is considered the best tobacco in the world, the learning and tradition that make enjoying a Habano a “Rite” , and to the “Masters” who make the creation of a work possible.” Maestra” for Habano lovers.

Maritza Carrillo González and Luis Sánchez-Harguindey Pardo de Vera, co-presidents of Habanos, SA , explained that “ During these days we have celebrated and honored Montecristo, Bolívar and Partagás, three brands that are undoubtedly very dear and special for Habano aficionados, we have visited the plantations of Pinar del Río and the factories of Partagás and La Corona where some of our emblematic Habanos are made, all made “Totally by Hand with long filler ”, and we have resumed our traditional Trade Fair and the Seminar with products and experts from all over the world . Besides,we have attended the presentation of the new products that Habanos, SA has for this 2023. We are firmly convinced that these new vitolas are going to maintain and even further ignite the passion for Habano that aficionados carry inside” .

The Gala Night also featured a “Hall of Fame” that illustrated the great work of all those “maestros” who have led the Habano to what it is today. In addition, the attendees were able to put themselves in the hands of portrait artists, who made illustrations in real time for the attendees to remember.